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We have been working in Kyiv since 1991

The OBRAZ Icon painting studio carries out orders for the painting of icons for personal and church prayer, as well as creating iconostasis and painting churches

Our masters excel in the technique of oil painting and egg tempera using natural pigments. Upon the customer’s request, the icon can be additionally embellished with gold stamping, and enamel ornaments, framed, and placed in a kivot. We carry out wall painting using both classical technology and modern materials. We have experience in creating mosaics, restoring icons, and frescoes.

our works

The Savior and the Virgin Mary. Wedding pairs.

The term “obraz” refers to an image, typically portraying Jesus Christ as the singular representation of God made known to people. The second most revered image for Christians is that of His Pure Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary. Traditionally, the creation of a new family is blessed with these two icons. An iconographer is commissioned to create two similar icons forming a single composition known as a “wedding pair.”

A wedding pair serves as the primary adornment in a Christian home and holds significant sacred value. These images bear witness to and safeguard the newly formed marriage. In our workshop, you can either choose from ready-made wedding pairs or request custom-made icons based on your preferences.

Icons for Home Prayer

At the “Obraz” icon-painting workshop, you have the opportunity to commission an icon tailored for your home prayer needs, available in various sizes and complexities. The most common requests include:

  • Personal Icons – small images of saints suitable for personal prayer or as a meaningful gift for a loved one.
  • Baptismal Icons – life-sized depictions of a saint on a wooden panel, with the height corresponding to a newborn. This type of icon is commonly presented as a gift for baptisms.
  • Family Icons – a special composition featuring the patron saints of each family member, with a miniature replica of the most revered icon of the Savior or the Virgin Mary placed above them.

Icons for Church Prayer

For centuries, Christians have considered it a great blessing to donate an icon to the church, as it becomes an object of prayer not only for their family but also for the hundreds of people attending the church. The “Obraz” icon-painting workshop fulfills orders for icons suitable for church use, both for the church itself and for analogion icons of various sizes.

Church icons are typically adorned with icon cases and placed on the walls of the church. Analogion icons, on the other hand, are images positioned at the center of the church on a special stand (analogion), representing the memory of a saint or a significant event celebrated during the worship service and visible to those attending the church.

Fresco: Church Mural Painting

An Orthodox church is always adorned with icons, and not without reason. Narrative paintings on the walls artistically convey the Word of God, depicting events from the life of the Lord. Additionally, icons of saints and angels serve as a visible reminder to the faithful of the presence of the earthly Church of the Heavenly.

The skill and experience of our iconographers allow them to create frescoes and iconostasis that harmoniously blend together, speaking the language of beauty to every soul. We would be delighted to offer you various decorative options for your church!

our masters

Vitaliy Danylenko

Graduated from the Painting Department of the Kyiv Art Institute (now National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture)

Artem Ostrovsky

Completed the Kryvyi Rih Eparchial Icon Painting School named after St. Andrew Rublev.

All our icons are created with blessings and prayers

We always consider the canons and traditions of iconography

Strictly adhering to the techniques at each stage of our wor


We would be happy to create an image for you that becomes a sacred legacy passed down through generations!

Phone: +38 067 220 68 76

Address: Ukraine, city of Kyiv